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ngress Control, Pere, Automatic ystems, aist High, ull Height, ates, ptical, in pgrade Kits

Part Number
Price Each

Now Shipping - PUPKIT II - New version of the PUPKIT allows the integration of Metal Detector and Fire Release functions.

Upgrade Controller for Robot, Philips, Burle & Dearborn Full Height Turnstiles (except MD, Metal Detector equipped), including STG, CSTG and ASTG Turnstile Models.

This upgrade kit completely replaces any relays, FP0 type PLCs, and power supply that your present turnstile has installed. A new life for your turnstile. Installation is straight forward and simple. Helps extend the life of your solenoids by providing them the proper operating voltage.

The PUPKIT is Designed and Manufactured by XIS Controls



Installation Manual





Exact Replacement PLC for Philips & Dearborn full height legacy turnstiles equiped with an FP0-C10RS style PLC.

For additional PLC types including optical turnstiles


PPLCO (51-215)


PLC 8.03



Exact PLC Replacement for Philips OP Series Optical Turnstiles aka Tomsed EL Series Optical Turnstile. If your turnstile cabinets look like this, this is the correct PLC. Main Processor Unit is 51-215. Expansion unit is 51-216


Philips used 51-215 as the part number for all their PLC's regardless of application or function. We can help you determine the correct units.




Wiring Diagram

Burle, Philips, and Tomsed Turnstiles With Metal Detector and Presence Detector have been made in several versions. Originally produced on the now obsolete FPM PLC platform below (51-200), our newly revised design preserves all the prior functionality and adds several new features.

This is an unassembled kit containing: 73-108 PLC set, 2 TCB 6.1 solenoid driver boards, DIN Rail, 2 terminal boards and TCB mounting standoffs. You provide power supply and assembly.




Hookup Diagram

Are you looking for any of the following Circuit Boards? We know more than anyone else because we designed them all.

30-001, 30-002, 30-003, MT-018-1, MCB 5.0

They are all replaced by the TCB 6.1

MCB 5.0

Hookup Diagram

Designed by the same team that created all the previous versions.

6th Generation

Turnstile Control Board 6.1 replaces all versions (Version 1 thru MCB 5.0) of the Tomsed & Boon Edam waist high and full height turnstile control board. Neither Pulse nor Timeout relay daughter boards are required. These functions are now incorporated in the main board as standard.

This board is a combination in a single board of the former 30-001, 30-002, & 30-003

Used in turnstile series models: TUT-50, TUT-60, TUT-65, TST-75, THT-100 and in the PUPKIT

Hookup Diagram


TCB 6.1




2 - Tomsed/Boon




30-003 Timer Board Version PTO 3.1 for MCB 5.0


30-003 Ver 3


30-002 Pulse Board Version IM 2.0 for MCB 5.0


30-002 Ver 2


Do you have a Tomsed THT-100MT. This is a 4 arm rotor turnstile with 2 sections closed off. This "Man-Trap" turnstile was designed to be a 2-stage entry device for use with an intermediate biometric reader or other secondary authentication device.

These turnstiles require a key reset upon restoration from a power loss. They are identified as having 3 solenoids in the top channel. XIS Controls has designed an automatic reset device that eliminates the need to send personnel to the turnstile to perform a manual reset every time you have a power blip. A simple 4 wire hookup is all that is required.



Replacement PLC for PUPKIT. For Pupkit I or Pupkit II. To determine which you need, please call us with the Pupkit Serial Number.






Serial Port Interface

Unlock your Turnstile or Door from your Software


More Info?

New Application - Interfaces a Stand-alone Weigand format reader and provides a dry contact output (1 to 60 sec.) to activate your door lock, turnstile, etc. Responds to all cards/fobs/scans. No computer or access control system required.

DPDT Control Relay

Found in Robot & Early Burle Turnstiles

Please Note: These relays employ a Magnetic Blowout feature that serves to preserve the life of the contacts. The contact sets have polarity markings that should be observed. For maximum effectiveness, do not alter the factory wiring or substitute similar looking relays.

Wiring Diagrams



Direct Replacement Time Delay Relay with Digital Time Selection

Found in Robot & Early Burle Turnstiles



Replacement Plug-in Relay for Burle & Philips Waist High Turnstiles: Series 100, 200 and RLT2. DPDT Relay also used in HSG Slide Gate Lock Power Supply

Wiring Diagrams

8 Pin DPDT for most circuits

11 Pin 3PDT for circuits that include a numerical counter








Replacement "Ice-Cube" Relay for Tomsed Control Boards: TCB 1, TCB 2, MCB 3 (aka MT-018-1) and MCB 4 (Aka MT-018-1 Rev A)

Not for MCB 5.0 and after



Flange Mount Control Relay for Alvarado Full & Waist High Turnstiles.

Are you being talked into buying an expensive electronic controller for your relay controlled turnstile. This is not Rocket Science. It dosen't require a computerized board to run. All you need is a replacement relay.




Replacement "Solder-in" relay for MCB 5.0 Boards Only - 24VDC

Do not use on TCB 6.0/6.1 - They require 12VDC Relays



Replacement "Solder-in" relay for TCB 6.0/6.1 Boards Only - 12VDC



Replacement "Plug-in" relay for 30-002 Pulse Relay Boards

aka MT-018-2 Version 1



Replacement motor control relay for Philips and Tomsed slide gates

Including models: AHSG, SHSG, CHSG & THG-51SG





24VDC Replacement solenoid for all Robot, Burle and Philips full height turnstiles. This new style solenoid comes complete with an integral PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) "Pick & Hold" circuit (here shown as the black cylindrical housing). Please observe polarity when connecting to the controller. This part can sometimes be marked 57305-60.

Direct replacement for solenoids marked REGDON or MSA 9060 or Deltrol Solenoids marked 56431-61

Please be advised that connecting this solenoid to older style controllers with voltages above 28VDC may cause premature failure and will void all warranties



Above 85-225 Solenoid as a complete assembly. If you are looking for the 86-137, it has been replaced by the 86-141

Please be advised that connecting this solenoid to older style controllers with voltages above 28VDC may cause premature failure and will void all warranties



Back Diode used with Robot, Burle, & Philips Solenoids. Helps to reduce back EMF created when inductive loads are switched. Back EMF is responsible for contact arcing and pitting.

Package of 2.



Solenoid Linkage for above Solenoid Assembly - Replaces the prior fragile nylon version. Non-ferrous aluminum construction does not interfere with the solenoid's magnetic field.

For the Plunger Return Spring 85-213, go to the Spring Section


Very early Robot Turnstiles used a CR9500 Series Solenoid. Most of these were rated at 115VAC. We will be offering these as we are able to obtain them.

Your solenoid can also be repaired with a replacement coil. See below.





115VAC replacement coil for the CR9500 solenoid above. It is likely that only your coil has failed and that the rest of the solenoid is fine. These solenoids were designed to be modular and as a result, the coil may be replaced while retaining the remainder of the solenoid body.

Coil Replacement Instructions




Tomsed & Boon Edam Replacement Solenoids for all 24VDC Full Height and Waist High Turnstiles. If you are looking for the LEDEX 192917-00x solenoid be aware that the 101-008 was the original Guardian solenoid supplied with THT-100 models. The Ledex 192917 Series was a substitute for the original Guardian 101-008 Solenoid.

Caution: Ledex (192917-00x) solenoids used with the 101-009 110/220VAC primary with 20VAC secondary is subject to overheating and premature failure. The Guardian 101-008 does not have this issue.

12VDC Solenoids for TUT-65 Battery Operated/Wheelable Turnstiles available on Special Order



Waist High



Full Height

Replaces Ledex & Pontiac Solenoids


Stroke Limit Bracket for Fail-Safe solenoid configurations with Tab for all Tomsed/Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles regardless of solenoid used.



Stroke Limit Bracket for Fail-Lock solenoid configurations without Tab for all Tomsed/Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles regardless of solenoid used.




LEDEX/SAIA-BURGESS 192917-00x aka 101-008 Ledex

From time to time we acquire a limited amount of these solenoids. There have been five versions of this solenoid. The entire 192917 Series is out of Production.

CAUTION: The -005 version is not the same as the previous versions. It has twice the coil resistance of previous models and is rated at 7.9 watts (#28.5 AWG coil wire) rather than the 15.6 watts (#27 AWG coil wire) of the prior versions. Presumably to control the overheating problem. The magneto-motive force (ampre-turns) of this new version is 70% of what it used to be. We recommend that you do not use the -005 as a replacement for the earler versions.

BOON EDAM Strikes Again

Their latest attempt to re-engineer the old reliable Tomsed Turnstile has resulted in still another component change. Having missed the mark with the 192917-005 they have now switched to a solenoid made by Pontiac Coil. It is a non-standard "J" series (J1203A) solenoid and performance wise is an unknown quantity. We are getting lots of calls for replacements.


After 3 years of field testing on hundreds of solenoids with only 2 exceptions, we can report that the Guardian 101-008 Solenoid (above) will not only fit and perform properly in the place of the Ledex and Pontiac solenoids, but will also be readily available to you and you will no longer be faced with part obsolescence.





Same as -004 but with earlier plunger design



Does your LEDEX/SAIA-BURGESS or other brand Solenoid get real hot? Are you experiencing premature failure? Give them a break, cool them off with one of our tubular style solenoid heatsinks. Remember... a cooler solenoid is a happy solenoid. Highly recommended for solenoids used in the fail-safe mode.

Includes 1gram syringe of thermal paste.

For: Tomsed/Boon Edam Ledex/Saia-Burgess Solenoids (10986K), Tomsed Guardian Solenoids (101-008/46-001), Ingress Control Deltrol Solenoids (IC-SOL-F) ------- Not for Box Frame Solenoids.



Replacement Solenoid for Burle and Philips Waist High Turnstiles. For RLT and Series 100 and 200 turnstiles. These solenoids now have quick connect terminals rather than wire leads.

Replaces Magnet-Schultz MSA 6161



Deltrol 12 & 24 VDC

Guardian 24VDC

24 VDC Continuous Duty Solenoid for older ALVARADO Full Height and Waist High Turnstiiles. New versions of these use 12 VDC Solenoids. 50-10-1000 and 50-10-1070 are kits with 2 solenoids and mounting hardware. We sell the solenoids individually or in kits below.

Your solenoid might be marked SDO-1251L. These were a substitution manufactured by Zanty in China and do not have the durability of the Deltrol and Guardian Solenoids we supply. In fact, Deltrol was the brand used by Alvarado prior to their shift to Zanty. Zanty 24VDC version is marked SDO-1251L-24A47.2 and the 12VDC version is marked SDO-1251L-12A11.8

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Zanty Solenoid marked SDO-125L-12A7.5, Alvarado informs us that the Standard 10-1070 Solenoids should perform without problems.

This solenoid is also found in some Perey waist high turnstiles.

All manufacturers models are interchangeable.

Compare Guardian & Deltrol ........... Zanty Specs.

/ - /


24 VDC

Guardian or Deltrol



12 VDC

Deltrol or Zanty as available

Alvarado Solenoid Kit, Full & Waist High ::: 2 Solenoids + 8 Socket Head Cap Screws + 8 Internal Star Washers

We've got a Limited Number of ZANTY 50-10-1070 12VDC Kits Available - Specify when ordering.







Perey Tubular Solenoids found in many current models.

Specified to work at 24VDC, but may see as much as 40VDC, these are actually rated at 12V Continuous Duty. Because of the nature of Perey's control system, they are only powered for less than one second and therfore do not exceed the manufacturer's specifications but because these solenoids are operated in this manner, any malfunction can result in a burned out solenoid. Burned out/charred solenoids are not returnable.

These are the exact OEM Part.



24 VDC Continuous Duty Solenoid for CONTROLLED ACCESS 6100 and 6500 Series Turnstile Mechanisms.



24 VDC Continuous Duty Solenoid for CONTROLLED ACCESS 8100 Series Turnstile Mechanisms.

Available on Special Order



Solenoid Plunger Return Spring for Solenoid Assembly 86-141



Solenoid Connecting Spring for Tomsed Models TUT-60, TUT65 & TST-75. Required for Fail-Safe configuration. Not for TUT-50 Model.



Solenoid Connecting Spring for Tomsed Model TUT-50. Required for Fail-Safe configuration.



Solenoid Connecting Spring for Tomsed Models THT-100. Required for Fail-Safe configuration.



Solenoid Connecting Spring for Burle & Philips RLT, TG, and series 100 & 200 Waist High Turnstiles.



For Tomsed/Boon Edam THT-100 Full Height Turnstiles.

100-128 LH - Left Hand Locking Pawl Spring

100-129 RH - Right Hand Locking Pawl Spring



For Tomsed/Boon Edam TUT-60, TUT65, & TST-75 Waist High Turnstiles.

80-008 RH - Right Hand Fail-Safe Locking Pawl Spring

80-009 LH & FL - Left Hand Fail-Safe & Fail Lock Locking Pawl Spring. This spring is used for both Right & Left Locking Pawls if the configuration is Fail-Lock.



Locking Pawl Spring for Burle & Philips RLT, TG, and series 100 & 200 Waist High Turnstiles



For Tomsed/Boon Edam TUT-50, TUT-60, TUT65, & TST-75 Waist High Turnstiles.

Back Pawl Spring



For Tomsed/Boon Edam TUT-60, TUT65, & TST-75 Waist High Turnstiles.

Main Spring



Pivot Arm Spring For Robot, Burle & Philips Full Height Turnstiles. The spring is the same for any of the 4 possible locking assemblies.

This spring is also used in Burle & Philips Waist High RLT, 100 & 200 series turnstiles in conjunction with the speed control shock absorber.



Self Centering Spring for Robot, Burle & Philips Full Height Turnstiles. This is the spring that is on the back of the plunger bar.

See Hardware Section for Spring Seats/Washers



Speed Control Compression Spring for both Full Height and Waist High Robot, Burle and Philips Turnstiles. Replace in sets of 2.



Set of 2


Tomsed & Boon Edam THT-100 Centering Springs. Use the 100-126 for Standard Top Channel Mechanisms and the heavier gauge spring 100-127 for top channels with Speed Control. Always replace both springs


Set of 2



Set of 2


Shock Absorber Assist Spring for Tomsed & Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles with Large Triangle Speed Control Mechanism



Tomsed/Boon Edam THT-100 Full Height Turnstile Key Bypass Connecting Springs.


BCS - Short

2.5" Overall

BCS - Long

4.5" Overall


These parts are for use on Alvarado
models MST, MST-T, CLST, CLST-T, CPST, and CPST-T turnstiles with the self-centering
option installed.

Centering Springs for Alvarado Full Height Turnstiles using speed control option. Always replace both springs.

If you are looking for the 15-1000 Spring and Bushing Set and only need the springs, we have them.


Set of 2


We also carry the Brass Bushing Set for the 11-5265 Centering Springs.


Set of 4


Get the entire MST-SC Spring & Bushing Kit with 2 Springs and 4 Bushings



Spring Shaft Locking Collar for the Centering Spring Assembly. The entire assembly uses 4 collars, one at each end of the 2 shafts. The above photo shows only one end of the shafts.


Set of 2


Alvarado Waist High Turnstile Springs




Springs may be purchased as a kit or individually

Alvarado EDC & SLT Waist High Turnstile Spring Kit 50-EDC-S1








Any of these



Kit of 11 Springs


Alvarado Extention Springs For Full Height Turnstiles

Have you been purchasing the 50-MST-S1 Spring Kit of 8 springs when you only need one or two springs. We sell them individually so you don't pay for what you don't need.

These springs are found on the MST, FMST, CPST and CLST series of Turnstiles.

11-5350 is also used on EDC waist high turnstiles as the Fail-Safe Return Spring



Any Spring



Alvarado Full Height Turnstile Spring Identification

Fail Lock: Silver Spring attached to solenoid plunger, Pawl Return Spring attached between pawl(locking bar) and solenoid bracket.

Also shown at top: Brake Springs in tandem

Fail Safe: Red Spring attached to solenoid plunger, Pawl Return Spring attached between pawl(locking bar) and solenoid bracket.


Stop Throwing your Money Away

Alvarado 50-MST-S1 is a kit of 8 Springs and a Spring Anchor Bolt. This means that you have paid for more parts than you need. We offer a more economic solution. A complete spring replacement consists of 6 springs (50-MST-6S): 2 Brake Springs, 2 Pawl Return Springs and a combination of Red and/or Silver Springs to match your turnstile configuration. Our 50-MST-8S consitst of the 8 springs found in the 50-MST-S1 but without the spring anchor bolt.

6 Springs for the Price of 4



Six Springs



Eight Springs


Main Compression Spring for Perey Waist High Tripod Turnstiles including Models: 47, 48, 55, 136, 140 & 150. Although Perey called this a Compression Spring it is actually a Tortion Spring by industry definition.



Stationary Roller Actuator found on Late Burle and Philips Turnstiles

Screw Terminals

Can replace part # 81-152, and 72-105 below



These microswitches are identical to the Burle/Philips 21-113 in every respect except that these have solder terminals in place of the regular screw terminals. They will mount and operate properly when installed as the Rotation or Limit Switch in Burle and Philips Turnstiles. We will provide a free 2 position terminal strip for you to make the interconnection.



Only 2 Left

Original Style Rotation Limit Switch for the Very Early Robot Turnstiles. These switches are similar to the 21-113 but also have the reverse travel limit guard.





Folding Roller Actuator found on Late Robot and Early Burle Turnstiles

Screw Terminals



Simulated Roller Lever:

Locking Bar Switch for Philips STG Series Full Height Turnstiles (Light Control)

Replaces 53-859, 53-872, 61-534, 61-535

Limit Switch for RLT Series Waist High Turnstiles



A word about microswitch types:

A "One-Way" microswitch operates in one direction. It has a lever which colapses in one direction and stays rigid in the other.

A "Two-Way" microswitch remains rigid in both directions. This is how the industry defines it. The factory has always gotten this wrong.

Type A

Type B

Rotation Detection Microswitch for Reset Function - Waist High Tomsed & Boon Edam Turnstile Models: TUT-50, TUT-60, TUT-65, TST-75. Also found on some early production THT-100 Full Height Turnstiles.

Either type are suitable for use in Alvarado Turnstiles.

There are 2 types:

Type A is a 2 part assembly of microswitch body with the add-on one-way roller accessory.

Type B is a one piece switch with integral roller actuator.

Types A & B are fully interchangeable. Can be used in either clockwise and counter clockwise positions.

Individual parts For Type A may be purchased below

/- /





Type A Rotation Reset Microswitch. These can be used as the Rotation Reset Switch when you have an attached roller activator accessory. For Tomsed and Boon Edam Turnstiles, the roller accessory is JV-30 One-Way Roller with Short Lever.

Alvarado EDC, SLT & MSTX Turnstiles - Switch body is Alvarado Part Number 10-1400. Switch lever is Alvarado Part Number 10-1450

Part Number 50-10-1450 describes a package of 10 pieces of the switch lever. We sell them individually.










Alvarado Microswitch Replacement Kit :::: 2 Microswitch Bodies + 2 Activation Levers + 4 each Screws, Star Washers & Nuts



Alvarado Full Height Turnstile Optical Sensor Kit

For models: MSTX, MSTX-T, MSTX-47, CLSTX, CLSTX-T, CPSTX, CPSTX-T that use optical sensors and not microswitches.




Microswitch Assembly (ASBY) Kit

Create a 46-006ASBY when added to the 46-006 Microswitch or a 101-012ASBY when added to a 101-012 Microswitch as shown below.

Kit consists of: (1) 30-006 Microswitch Mounting Plate, (1) 101-015 Insulator, (2) HSS4-40X.56A Screws, (2) HWZ4D internal lock washers.



Tomsed/Boon Edam Microswitch Electric Activator Disk

Models: TUT-50 ... Part # 50-028

Models: TUT-60, TUT-65, & TST-75 ... Part # 80-033



Tomsed/Boon Edam Microswitch Electric Activator Disk

100-028, Non Speed Control models 2.5" Diameter

100-029, Speed Control models 3" Diameter

100-030, 4 section & Mantrap models 3" diameter with 4 lobe lifts








One-Way Roller Long Lever Microswitch used in most Tomsed & Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles as the rotation detection switch. Model THT-100

Can be used in either clockwise and counter clockwise positions.

If you have an electrically controlled one-way turnstile, you can use this or the 101-013 microswitch instead.



Above Microswitch with Mounting Plate and Insulator

Both Left Hand (101-012ASBYLH) and Right Hand (101-012ASBYRH) can be configured by simply remounting the microswitch and insulator on the reverse side of the mounting plate



Two-Way Roller Long Lever Microswitch used in most Tomsed & Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles as the solenoid activation switch. Can be found in various other models as a special application microswitch. These incluse the TST-75DA (Drop Arm), the THT-100MT (Man Trap) and one-way only full height models..

Often incorrectly listed as 101-013E. This is the part number for the switch mounting bracket when used as a solenoid activation switch.



Part# 83106 Folding Roller Microswitch for Automatic Systems Turnstiles.



Microswitch Actuator for Burle & Philips Swing Gate HSWG. Must be replaced by the enitre switch assembly below.




Use: 55-356

Perey short roller microswitch found in many newer models. The factory supplied Cherry D45LR1RA is discontinued. Our replacement microswitch is identical to the factory original except it is black rather than white.

Replacement for 61-356 Actuator and 61-534 Switch Body as a Complete Assembly

/ - /


Controlled Access Microswitch used in almost all turnstile models that use the series CA-6100, CA-6500 and CA-8100 control mechanisms.

Also for many Perey Full Height Roto-gate Turnstiles

/ - /


Optical Sensors for Philips Series OP Optical Turnstiles and Tomsed TOT-20EL Optical Turnstiles

Thru-Beam type includes Transmitter and Receiver units.

These have been removed from working units and fully tested.



Optical Sensors for Tomsed TOT-20ES and EP Optical Turnstiles

Retroflective type includes single retroflective unit.

These have been removed from working units and fully tested.



SafeSec Corporation - former Manufacturers of Revolving Doors

Rotary Gate Encoder – 500 PPR - AKA 2RE500 By Scancon

Shaft Diameter 5mm, Cable Length 1 Meter

5-24VDC - CE Rated

Outputs: Two channel (A, B) quadrature with Index (Z) and complementary (A-, B-, Z-) outputs

24VDC LED Lamp for Tomsed & Boon Edam TUT-50, TUT-60 & TST-75 Waist High Turnstiles. Also used in the Tomsed TOT-20 Series Optical Turnstiles.

11/16" Clearance Hole - Comes with mounting hardware






Dress-up bezel for the 46-008 and 46-009 LED lamps above. Comes with Brushed Finish Stainless Steel front bezel and oversize rear washer.



One Piece Left




Traffic Control LED Indicators for Tomsed & early Boon Edam THT-100 Series Full Height Turnstiles. 24VDC. 22mm mounting hole.






Seven Pieces Left



Replacement Traffic Control LED Indicators for Tomsed & early Boon Edam THT-100 Series Full Height Turnstiles.

Same Specifications as the Original. 24VDC. 22mm mounting hole.







Replacement DPST Mains Power Switch for Tomsed & Boon Edam Waist High Turnstiles.

Single Gang Handi-box cover plate with rectangular punch-out for this switch also available.





Cover Plate






Vandal Resistant Momentary Pushbutton - Normally Open - Stainless Steel - Perfect for un-attended locations and for use as an exit request or intercom call button. 19mm mounting hole.


Replacement switch body for Palm Button Exit Switches



Status light indicator styles and sizes for Robot, Burle & Philips Turnstiles have changed many times during the years.

These are the 30 mm mounting hole diameter size units.

They are new but old stock from the original factory supply. Suitable for outdoors when used with the included gaskets.

Price includes either Red or Green lens. #757 - 28V incandescent lamp not included. (Amber lens also available). Lamp bases are polarized and can also accept Allen-Bradley 24VDC series 800T LED lamps







NEMA 12 Single Hole Enclosure for 30mm diameter Lights or Pushbuttons. These enclosures have a 1/2" conduit hole pre-drilled at the bottom.

#757 Mini Incandescent Indicator Lamp for above status lights.
28 Volt - 0.08 Amp - T3.25 Bulb - Miniature Bayonet.


Normally Open Momentary Green Pushbutton Assembly (shown dissasembled). Fits 30mm box above. Often used as an Exit Pushbutton. Comes assembled with 53-282 Pushbutton Operator and 53-237 Single Pole N.O. Contact Block. For the technical minded - These are Form X, Double Make to minimize arcing.

Available in Red in limited quantities.

NEMA 12 Screw Cover Blank Box 4"W x 4H" x 6L. No Holes. Picture at left is representative and not geometrically accurate. Suitable for Two Lamps, or Pushbuttons or as a general purpose enclosure for indoor or outdoor applications.

Lost your Key to get into your Tomsed/Boon Edam Turnstile cabinet. Don't drill out the lock. We got them.

Fits Illinois HL300 Cam Lock part # 100-447



Original Power Transformer for Un-upgraded Robot, Burle and Philips Full Height Turnstiles. Not to be used with 86-292 or PUPKIT Upgrade Kits.

110/220 Primary - 14VAC & 24VAC Secondaries. May be marked Wabash or ATC Frost.

Earlier transformers had a single 24VAC secondary and may be marked Heyboer HT-5037

These are old stock, never used, fully tested and inspected to verify that they meet the original factory specifications.




Substitute Transformer for the above 53-791 Transformer. This will have a slightly different mounting profile than the factory original. This has a 115VAC primary and a 24VAC secondary @ 4 amps. Can be used in systems that still use the 53-521 Relays or the 51-215 (PPLCO) PLC. Cannot be used where the 51-101 Multicontroller is used.





Bridge Rectifier

Used on many Robot, Burle and Philips Turnstiles and Sliding Gates.

Also found in Alvarado MSTX and EDCX - 4X, 5X & 6X -- Alvarado Part # 10-4001

Also found in many Perey Turnstiles





Replacement 24VDC Power Supply for all Tomsed TOT-20ES and EP Optical Turnstiles.

Not for TOT-20EL which are actually Philips Optical OP series turnstiles.


Actual power supply looks may vary from that shown.


110VAC -18VAC Tomsed & Boon Edam Transformers for Waist High Turnstiles (aka 8691)



Waist High


110/220VAC - 20VAC Tomsed & Boon Edam Transformers for Waist High Turnstiles (aka 8508).



Waist High


110VAC - 18VAC Tomsed & Boon Edam Transformers for Full Height (aka 8693)

Caution: In an effort to accomodate the European (220VAC) market, the factory has been substituting part number 101-009. This is a 20VAC transformer instead of the correct 18VAC transformer. Although this will work, you may experience premature solenoid failure when paired with the 10290 Ledex solenoid.



Full Height


This is the 110/220VAC - 20VAC Transformer for Tomsed & Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles. If your THT-100 was delivered with the 101-010 18VAC transformer, you should continue using that transformer and not this one even if 100-009 appears on the recommended spare parts list.



Full Height


18VAC - 5amp Transformer

Used in 86-292 & PUPKIT Upgrade Kits

Used in USA manufactured version of Boon Edam's Waist High TST-75 Tripod Turnstiles with Drop-Arm Feature



Original Factory Stock

Transformer for HSG Series Sliding & Swing Gates - Lock Power Supply - Including models: AHSG, SHSG, CHSG & THG-51SG

Transformer for Burle & Philips Waist High Turnstiles RLT & Series 100 & 200. Secondary - 24VAC @ 25 VA (1 amp.)


115VAC Primary



230VAC Primary


Voltage Regulator Module

Used in 86-292 Upgrade Kit only



TCB 6.0 Replacement Fuses. (will also be suitable for Tomsed/Boon Edam boards)

5 X 20 MM - 2 Amp - SloBlo

$6.00/5 Fuses

TCB 6.1 Replacement Fuses.

5 X 20 MM - 3 Amp - SloBlo


Exact OEM Shock Absorber for all Tomsed/Boon Edam Waist High Turnstiles: Models TUT-50, TUT-65, TUT-60, TST-75. Fresh Stock - No dried out elastomers.

There were 2 different manufacturers that suppled these shocks. Ace and Enidine. The Ace is black in color and the Enidine is silver. They are interchangable.

45-018ASBY is complete and pre-assembled. It includes: 45-018E Shock Absorber, 45-022 Shock Absorber Yoke, HPO.12X.25A Roll Pin, 45-022P Yoke Pin and two 45-020 Shock Mounting Nuts.



Shock Absorber Only Replacement. Comes with two 45-020 shock mounting nuts. Comes without yoke, yoke pin, roll pin.

This Shock Absorber is also used in the Burle & Philips RLT Waist High Turnstiles and some Full Height Turnstiles with a 1" diameter shock.





Shock Absorber for Robot, Burle & Philips Full Height Turnstiles. Does your turnstile slam to a stop or bounce back? It's time to replace your shock absorber. This shock absorber was designed with a specific hydraulic fluid for this application and cannot be replaced by an off-the-shelf look alike.

Also used in Burle & Philips series 100 & 200 Waist High Turnstiles

Long term shelf storage ages the packing elastomers and results in leakage of hydraulic fluid. Accept no shock absorber that has been sitting around. We have fresh stock by the original manufacturer.

The 85-156 Shock Absorber has a 3/4" diameter. If your turnstile uses a Shock absorber with a 1" diameter, please order the 85-632 above.



Bottom Thrust Bearing for Electrically Controlled Tomsed & Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles. Not for mechanical/non-electric turnstiles.





Synthetic Waterproof High Temperature Green Grease, 3 Oz. Tube - Perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations. Use with our companion Grease Gun.

Apply liberaly to all bearings.


Bearing for all Tomsed/Boon Edam Waist High Turnstiles sometimes refered to as their Trilock Turnstiles. 1" ID.

Also replacement Bottom Bearing for all Alvarado Full Height Turnstiles. It has come to our attention that there may be 2 different sizes for the Alvarado Bottom Bearing. Please measure the diameter of the shaft that will go into the inner part of the bearing. We can supply either size.






Reduced from


Top Bearing for Tomsed/Boon Edam Full Height THT-100 Turnstiles without Speed Control. 1.25" ID



Top Bearing for Tomsed/Boon Edam Full Height THT-100 Turnstiles with Speed Control. 1.5" ID



3 Hole Bearing Flange for all Tomsed Waist High Turnstiles. Goes with Bearing 45-019. Set of 2



NOW $19.95

Was $44.00

3 Hole Bearing Flange for Tomsed Full Height Turnstiles. Non-Speed Control. Goes with Bearing 100-041. Set of 2



4 Hole Bearing Flange for Tomsed Full Height Turnstiles. With Speed Control. Goes with Bearing 100-042. Set of 2



Replacement Urethane 1/2 Circle Self-Centering Disc for TUT-60, TUT-65 and TST-75 Tomsed and Boon Edam Waist High Turnstiles.



Replacement Nylon Self-Centering Cam for Tomsed and Boon Edam THT-100 3 Rotor Full Height Turnstiles.

This part is also known as Cubic THT-100H-7. Used in NYC Transit H.E.E.T. Turnstiles



Custom Kilian Bearing (D-2337-3) for all Tomsed & Boon Edam Full and Waist High Turnstiles. These are the Bearings mounted to the top of the Ratchet Assembly and are part of the Self-centering Mechanism. There are generally 3 bearings in most turnstiles. 4 in the THT-100MT. Photo to the left shows the bearings in a TUT-60 waist high turnstile.

In the THT-100 they are mounted to the underside of the ratchet using HSO.5-16X2.25N Socket Head Shoulder Bolts

See Hardware Section for Mounting Bolts



Includes 2 bearings and 2 inner race spacers

Shown with Available Shoulder Bolt

We have introduced an improved version of the 30-004 bearing.

The factory supplied bearings are non-lubricated, have no side shields leaving exposed bearing balls subject to contamination, is constructed from ordinary steel and is a custom one-of-a-kind design.

Our bearing design uses off the shelf bearings that are lubricated, sheilded, and are made of polished chrome steel and less subject to rusting. We use 2 individual bearings to replace the dual row bearing factory supplied design. All these factors help minimize the likelyhood of a stalled bearing which will cause drag and distructive wear on the nylon or urethane centering disc.

See Hardware Section for Mounting Bolts



Cam Follower Bearing used in Tomsed & Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles employing a Large Triangle Speed Control Mechanism.



Replacement Roller Arm Ball Bearing. Our bearings have stainless steel side shields rather than rubber side shields you may have used in the past. Net result: less contamination and longer life.



Robot, Burle & Philips Mechanical Turnstiles do not have a ratchet mechanism. Rather, they employ a one-way cam clutch to permit passage in a single direction only. Over time the internal rollers become ground down and the springs no longer function properly. Our replacement alloy steel rollers are hardened to the original manufacturer's specifications.


81-240 Renew

Set of 4 each Rollers & Springs


Lower(85-143) and Upper(85-270) Bearing and Flange Assembly for Robot, Burle and Philips Full Height Turnstiles.

Alvarado Top Bearing (11-4010) for MST & MSTX full height turnstiles.

This assembly includes the pre-assembled 4-hole mounting flange and 1" ID Bearing. This assembly comes with the integral grease fitting as shown.










Thermoplastic Flange with Stainless Steel Bearing (TPSS). These are not the Black Oxide bearings often substituted by other parts suppliers.

NOTE: Upper and Lower Bearings are the same. The manufacturer used different stock numbers to distinguish Steel Flange from Thermoplastic. In practice, Steel or Thermoplastic can be used for either top or bottom bearings


TPSS Version


Alvarado MXT Series Full Height Turnstile Top Bearing Kit :::: 2 Bearings + 4 each Stainless Steel Bolts, Lock Washers & Nuts

Get a FREE 3 oz. tube (enough for 2 bearings) of Green Grease with the purchase of this Bearing Kit./


Large diameter Lower floor bearing (81-117) with 4 hole flange for very early Robot Full Height Turnstiles used in mechanisms similar to that pictured here.

Upper Flange bearing (81-127) with 4 hole flange (There are 2) with Eccentric Locking Collar. Special order.


Pin Block Bushing for Upper and Lower Hub & Shaft Assembly (86-107) on Robot, Burle & Philips Full Height Turnstiles. Also used in Tomsed/Boon Edam THT-100 ASTG and CSTG Turnstiles

Set of 2 Bushings. Bushings are used on ASTG, ASTG2, CATG & CSTG Models only. Not Used on STG & STG2 Models.

Place bushings over 2 of the three upright pins. Some folks prefer to install 3.




Self-centering bearing wheels

Flattened, misshapen and worn rollers cause safety issues.

Plunger Bar Roller (85-308) mounts to the Plunger bar with a shoulder bolt and nylon insert locknut.

See Hardware Section for Mounting Bolts



Self-Centering Rollers 3x(85-141) are mounted to the ratchet using hex socket shoulder bolts. 85-141 are sold in sets of 3 and should be replaced as such.

See Hardware Section for Mounting Bolts


Set of 3 Wheels

Cam Clutch for Early One-way Robot Full Height Turnstiles



We have acquired a number of different Pawls, Linkages & Studs. We are in the process of sorting and inventorying them.

These are for the full range of Tomsed & Boon Edam Waist High Turnstiles.

While we might not have every part number, please call to check for availability.


More Than Shown Below


Stainless Steel Channel Studs

Tomsed THT-100 models - 5 Post System/3 Grooves - 3/8”-16 Thread. May be used in any of the 5 positions including as a replacement for the 100-176 Non-Grooved Stud.




Boon Edam Trilock models - 4 Post System/5 Grooves - M10 Thread. The Boon Edam Trilock is not the same as the Tomsed THT-100. Threaded parts are not interchangeable as The Trilock has Metric threads.



Out of Stock


Locking Pawls for Tomsed Waist High Turnstiles Models TUT-60, TUT-65 and TST-75.

80-010 Left Hand Fail Safe

80-011 Right Hand Fail Safe

80-012 Left Hand Fail Lock (can be used in place of 80-010)

80-013 Right Hand Fail Lock (can be used in place of 80-011)



Any Pawl



Locking Pawl Linkages for Tomsed Waist High Turnstiles Models TUT-60, TUT-65 and TST-75.

80-035 Fail Lock

80-018 Fail Safe



Locking Pawls for Tomsed Waist High Turnstiles Model TUT-50

50-015 Fail Lock

50-016 Fail Safe



Any Pawl



Back Pawls for Tomsed Waist High Turnstiles

50-007 For Model TUT-50

80-043 For Models TUT-60, TUT-65, TST-75. (can be used in place of 50-007)



Any Back Pawl



Locking Pawl Linkages for Tomsed Full Height Turnstile Model THT-100. Approximate Horizontal x Vertical as shown.

A 2-3/16"

B 1-15/16" x 3/4"

C 1-7/8" x 1-1/4"

D 2-7/16" x 2-11/16"




Any Linkage


Tomsed/Boon Edam THT-100 Full Height Turnstile Fail-Safe Locking Pawl. These have 1/4-20 threads. Do not confuse these with the Boon Edam Turnlock Series which have Metric threads.

Match this up with a B or C linkage above and a 100-131 connecting spring to make a Fail-Safe locking pawl assembly.



Tomsed/Boon Edam TUT-60, TUT-65 & TST-75 Waist High Models.

Mechanism Studs & Posts.



Shock Mounting Screw



Back Pawl Stud


Cam Stud

Alvarado Full Height Turnstiles Lock Arms (aka locking pawls). These are for all Alvarado Full Height Turnstiles 2003 and newer.

50-MST-LA consists of one each Left & Right Lock Arms, two Hex Socket Shoulder Bolts and four Oilite Thrust Washers.

These Lock Arm components are different from pre 2003 models. A quick way to determine is to measure the Shoulder Bolts. Post 2003 Locking Arms used a 5/8" diameter X 1-1/2" long shoulder, Shoulder Bolt. (11-1617)

Pre 2003 Locking Arms used a 1/2" diameter X 1" long shoulder, Shoulder Bolt. (11-1661) below.




Left Lock Arm



Right Lock Arm



Shoulder Bolt


$11.25 each

Thrust Washer


$11.50 set of 2

Hex Socket HSO.5X1 Lock Arm Shoulder Bolts for Alvarado MST & MSTX Full Height Turnstiles manufactured 2003 and earlier.

The Left Lock Arm is part number 04-2040. The Right Lock Arm is part number 04-2050. (these arms currently not available)


Shoulder Bolt


Pivot Arm Linkage Pin for Robot, Burle & Philips Full Height Turnstiles

Here's the silliest thing we've seen yet. For years this custom fabricated "L" shaped drop-in pin has been selling elsewhere for over $10.00. For years we have been using a Hardened Steel Cotter Pin to do the job with zero problems. We've been telling this to our customers so that they can save a few bucks. Here are the specs:

Air Quenched (A2) hardned Stainless Steel, 1/8" diameter, 1.75" long. If you still want to buy them from us, we got em'




HSO.5-16X.75S Hex Socket Shoulder Bolt for Waist High Turnstiles. Used in conjunction with 30-004 Bearings.

For the TUT-50 model, the ratchet plate is thinner than in the 60, 65 & 75 models. Approximately 1/2 of the threaded portion of the screw must be cut off.





HSO.5-16X2.25N Hex Socket Shoulder Bolt for Full Height Turnstiles. All THT-100 Models. Used in conjunction with 30-004 Bearings.




NHN 5/8-11 Nylon Insert Plunger Bar Lock Nut for Robot, Burle & Philips Full Height Turnstiles.



Seats/Washers for both ends of the Self Centering Spring 85-285. These are sold as a set of 2 as shown.



Hex Head Shoulder Bolt with Nylon Insert Lock Washer for mounting the 85-308 to the Plunger Bar Roller.



Stainless Steel Hex Head Shoulder Bolts used as Guide Bolts between the Tension Block Assembly and the Speed Control Assembly. Set of 2 Bolts. Comes with 2 Stainless Steel Washers.



Set of 2


BS 3/8X1/2 Hex Socket Shoulder Bolt for mounting the 85-141 Self Centering Rollers to the Ratchet Assembly. Robot, Burle & Philips Full Height Turnstiles





BS 3/8X2-3/4 Homing Cam Plunger. Burle & Philips Waist High Turnstiles



Robot, Burle, Philips Full Height Turnstile - Lower Bearing Assembly Complete

Bushing - Pin Block
Lower Hub & Shaft
Shaft Spacer
Flange Bearing - Lower
Mounting Plate - Lower Bearing
Mounting Plate Studs - Stainless Steel

Robot, Burle, Philips Full Height Turnstile - Upper Bearing Assembly Complete

Upper Hub & Shaft Assembly, Woodruff Shaft Key & Socket Cap Screw are sold as a complete set. Order 85-152 ASBY

85-152 ASBY


Shaft Spacer
Bearing Housing Assembly
Flange Bearing - Upper
Bushing - Pin Block

Robot, Burle, Philips Full Height Turnstile - Ratchet Assembly Complete


Ratchet Assembly: 86-119 Ratchet, Three 85-141 Nylon Rollers, Three 3/8x1/2 Roller Shoulder Bolts, Three WF 3/8 SAE Washers

Robot, Burle, Philips Full Height Turnstile - Self Center Assembly


Parts Breakdown

Robot, Burle, Philips Full Height Turnstile - Lock Plates

Need to Change Configurations? Easy to do. In most cases all you need is a new Pivot & Roller Arm Assembly and some tools to move a few parts on the Lock Plate to a new position. All the holes are already there.....and we can help.





Parts Breakdown

SLIDING GATE PARTS - Burle, Philips, Tomsed, Boon Edam - AHSG, CHSG, SHSG, THG-51

Gate Motor Assembly. Includes: C82072 Motor, C8222 Coupling, and Assembly Bracket


Mechanism Drawing


Special Order Items

Longer Lead Times Apply

Call For Pricing and Delivery




Special Order Items

Longer Lead Times Apply

Call For Pricing and Delivery





Special Order Items

Longer Lead Times Apply

Call For Pricing and Delivery





Special Order Items

Longer Lead Times Apply

Call For Pricing and Delivery

Gate Drive Motor




Motor & Drive Shaft Coupling




Travel Block. Includes: Block and 6 C9558 Bearings

Replacement Bearing for the Drive Shaft Travel Block



Slide Gate Microswitch




Circuit Breaker Assembly
Motor Control Switch Assembly
Gate Wiring Harness
Slide Gate Controller (Rebuilt)


Replacement motor control relay for Philips and Tomsed slide gates (used in the board shown above)

Including models: AHSG, SHSG, CHSG & THG-51SG




Call For More Sliding Gate Parts Availibility

One of the biggest issues we find is the lack of periodic lubrication. So simple to do with the right tool.

Companion Grease Gun for 3 Oz. Grease Cartridges. The nozzle can also be repositioned for straight line use.


9 Piece Roll Pin Punch Set with Roll-up Pouch. Perfect for removing spring roll pins from solenoid plungers, locking pawls, etc.

Sizes: 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 5/16

Using the wrong tool with spring roll pins will damage the pin and distort the hole it is set into.


Keychain Pocket Knife. Many Colors and Styles - Straight, Curved and Serrated Blades. Let us pick it for you.


Get it FREE with a purchase of $100* or more in Tools or any purchase of $500* or more.


(*Excludes shipping amount. Shipped with purchased items to the attention of the addressee. Orders placed through any of of our dealers, do not qualify. Not available on non-usa orders.)

WOW - 1

The Tool of Choice for Setting Steel Roll Pins or Removing Cotter Pins. This 6" Long Nose Vise-Grip is such a versatile addition to your tool box that you'll find dozens of uses for it.

Not for Plastic Parts.


5 Piece Plier Set. The set includes 6-inch diagonal pliers, 6-inch long nose pliers, 7-inch linesman pliers, 6-inch slip joint pliers, and 8-inch groove joint pliers. All with comfort grips.

Old, chipped, worn and damaged tools are dangerous to you and can damage the equipment you work on. Go ahead and treat yourself to some new tools. We can't mention the brand name but the craftsman in you will appreciate these.


13 Piece Allen Hex Key Set - Fractional Sizes - Perfect for working on Hex Socket Head Bolts, Fasteners and Shoulder Bolts. Individual hex wrenches give you more manuverability than the compact folding types. Comes with the storage case shown.

Sizes: 0.050, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8


5 Piece E Clip Remover / Installer Set

One Handle with 4 Blades: 1/4", 9/32", 5/16", 3/8"
Safely Remove & Install E-Clips without Damage
One End Removes and the Other End Installs

Not for C Clips


33 Piece Security Tamper Proof Bit Set - 1/4" Hex Shank

Tamperproof: T8 -10 -15 -20 -25 -27 -30 -35 -40
Hex: 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32"
Tri-Wing: 1- 2- 3- 4
Spanner: 4- 6- 8-10
Torx: 6- 8-10
Hex: 2- 2.5- 3- 4- 5- 6 MM
3" Magnetic Bit Holder

Add a Magnetic Screwdriver Handle with in-handle storage to your Security Tamper Proof Bit Set above. Fits all 1/4" hex shank bits.

7 Piece SAE Nut Driver Set:

Color Coded Comfortable Fluted Handles

3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"


Old School Analog Multimeter. We love Analog Meters because you can see fluctuations, spiking voltages and intermittants that are impossible to capture on digital meters.

Selected for mid-scale reading of most common turnstile voltages.

Not for use in wet or hazardous areas.


For those that like the ease and convienience of a Digital Multimeter. Perfect for all your troubleshooting needs.

You don't need to bring your expensive multimeter into the field. This is not laboratory work, just basic troubleshooting.

Not for use in wet or hazardous areas.


15" Test Lead Jumpers with Alligator Clips . Ideal for connecting your multimeter probes, leaving both hands free or just for basic troubleshooting work.

10 color coded jumpers. Enough to share with your co-worker.



Variable 150°C to 450°C Temperature Soldering Station. 5-40 Watts.

Cushioned rubber grip, Replaceable tips, Tip cleaning sponge, Bakelite ringed holder, 1.5 mm conical tip.

We are often asked to identify and supply a variety of turnstile and gate replacement components. We have over 30 years experience with access control systems. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Often photos and component markings will be all the needed information for us to identify your parts.

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