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Burle & Philips STG Full Height Turnstile


Alvarado Turnstiles


Robot, Burle & Philips Upgrade Kits


Legacy Turnstiles - White Papers


Philips & Tomsed Full Height Turnstiles with Metal Detector


Philips AHSG/SHSG/CHSG & Tomsed TGH-51SG Slide Gate


Philips & Dearborn Waist High Turnstiles


Tomsed & Boon Edam Control Board

Used in all THT-100, TUT-50, TUT-60, TUT-65 & TST-75 Turnstiles


Philips OP-X/XA & Tomsed TOT-20EL/ELP Optical Turnstile


Tomsed TOT-20ES/EP Optical Turnstile
This was a custom line of Optical Turnstiles - Each turnstile was configured to the customers specification - Schematics are available by contacting us. Please provide the version number off the PLC.


XIS Controls - Serial Port Interface




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