Turnstile Component Identification

Obsolete - Not Available


DPDT Control Relay
Part # 53-521

Found in Robot & Early Burle Turnstiles

Original Time Delay Relay
Part # 53-566

Found in Robot & Early Burle Turnstiles - Obsolete

53-566 Replacement Time Delay Relay

Direct Replacement Time Delay Relay with Digital Time Selection

If you have different relays installed, contact us for assistance.

Burle Industries also manufactured turnstiles for Horton Automatics for their 98xx series of turnstiles

51-101 Multi-Controller Board


Found in Burle, and Early Philips Turnstiles - Other numbers appearing on this board may include 3031157-004 and 303 0180 903. This Board is no longer made. It has been replaced by the PUPKIT
Controller Facts - White Paper


51-215 & 51-216 Nais/Aromat/National/Panasonic PLC Controller


Labeled Nais or Aromat or National or Panasonic FP0-C10RS, C14RS or E16RS or others. Please let us know if you have a different designation. These PLCs are also used on Philips & Tomsed Optical Turnstiles as well as several special Tomsed Turnstiles. We can supply these as well. Many of these units were designed and produced for Tomsed by Hard Logic.

Found in Late Philips Turnstiles and Philips & Burle Upgrade Kits
86-289 (Ver 8.00) and 86-292 (Ver 8.03) as well as Philips & Tomsed (TOT-20ES, EL, ELP, EP) Optical Turnstiles and Tomsed speciality turnstiles.

PLC Failure Modes

Every PLC requires that firmware be burned into it to make it do a particular task. Most of the time there are labels or other clues that help us determine the configuration you need.

Please let us know about any other label indicating 8.00, 8.03, STG232, PPLCO, Dev xxx, Opti xxx, Intelligent Controller xxx, or other designations and numbers. These label markings are very important as they determine the firmware that is burned into the PLC.

PLC Controllers


Upgrade Kits for Robot, Burle, Philips & Dearborn ST Style Controllers:

False Controller

Manufactured by Dearborn Access Control sucessors to Philips - Not Functionally Correct


86-289 Upgrade Kit

Manufactured by Tomsed - Loading Resistor (at left) was sold to help minimize some burnout problems - replacement PLC's (PPLCO) are still available

86-292 Upgrade Kit

Manufactured by Tomsed to resolve prior deficiencies in earlier units - All parts for these units are still available. PLC model is type 8.03



The PUPKIT is designed & manufactured byXIS Controls - It replaces the 86-289, 86-292, Robot discrete relay controls, and Burle and Philips 51-101 Multicontroller, all of which are obsolete.


Installation Manual


Control Circuit Boards for Tomsed and Boon Edam Turnstiles:

Attention: Boon Edam/Tomsed Turnstile Owners

Their factory has redesigned their turnstile control board. It is not backwardly compatable with your earlier manufactured turnstile. XIS Controls is in the business of supporting your legacy turnstile parts needs. We will continue to supply compatible replacement boards for these turnstiles.

Part # 30-001.......Modular Control Board

MCB 3 aka MT-018-1

MCB 4 aka A-MT-018-1 Rev A

MCB 5.0 aka PCB413

TCB 6.0 (aka KTS) has been redesigned - Now available TCB 6.1 (aka PCB 530)

Turnstile Control Board TCB 6.1 (above right) replaces all versions of the Tomsed/Boon Edam Modular Control Board MCB 5.0 and earlier versions. There is no need to order seperate Pulse & Timeout Boards as the TCB 6.1 comes included with these functions. These new control boards have a higher current capacity of 3 amps each verses 1.6 amps for the older boards.

Concerned about compatability? We designed all versions Wiring Diagram

Part # 30-002


Versions 1 & 2

May be marked MT-018-2 or IM2.0 or PCB427

Part # 30-003

Versions 1, 2 & 3

May be marked MT-018-3, MT-018-4 or PTO3.1 or PCB422


Original 85-225 Solenoid(microswitch under blue cap)

Also known as part S-09060

Solenoid Assembly 86-141

New Solenoid 85-225-D

Also known as part 57305-60

Found on Robot, Burle, Philips and Dearborn Full Height Turnstiles

Solenoid Stories - The Differences


Rotation Switch
Part # 53-520

Folding Roller Actuator found on Robot and early Burle Turnstiles

Rotation and Limit Switches
Part # 21-113


Stationary Roller Actuator found on Burle and Philips Turnstiles


Locking Bar and Limit Switches
Part # 53-873

Simulated Roller Actuator found on Burle and Philips Turnstiles and Sliding Gates


Power Supply Components:

24VAC - 6.4amp Transformer
Part # 53-791 Also know as part 8087

Found in Burle and Philips Turnstiles

Substitute Available


Bridge Rectifier
Part # 53-523

Found in Burle and Philips Turnstiles

With these components, if you are measuring DC Voltages above 28VDC at the output of your bridge rectifier, you are overdriving your controller and solenoids. Premature failure will result. Contact us for assistance.


Voltage Regulator ModulePart # P626

Used in 86-292 Upgrade Kit only


18VAC - 5amp TransformerPart # 86H-291-H

Used in 86-292 & PUPKIT Upgrade Kits


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